About Us

Welcome to Firewalk Productions

Business Requires Leaps of Faith. Strong Vision. Taking (Calculated) Risks.

Walk With Us and Your Feet Will Be Fine.

Who Are We

Firewalk Productions is a multimedia production agency that provides digital marketing services for small and medium businesses and solopreneurs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients take all of the diverse aspects of their businesses and bring it into a cohesive presentation that shows off all of the fantastic things that they do in a seamless way and with proper digital tools.

What We Do

We work with a variety of mediums to help you market your business... from websites, to video to photography and more, we make sure you are packaged properly and put forth eloquently.

Our history

Firewalk Productions started in Los Angeles with a humble short 5-minute movie that needed a production company name after the credits.

And because Leslie Lello, the founder of Firewalk Productions, had just gone through a firewalking experience safely and successfully, it seemed like a good name.

She could see that the same presence that was required to make it safely past the hot coals was the same energy it took her to produce and direct her first movie in a month, with no experience but with excellent mentors, a willingness to commit to this leap in her career, and the faith that she would succeed.

And she did.

And that was over a decade ago.

After Firewalk Production staked its ground in movie production, it started to spread (logically) to digital graphics, VFX, motion graphics and post-production. Anything related to the look, feel and composition of the moving image was part of Firewalk Productions' services.

And then, of course, still images were also included in services, because if we could do clean videography and post-production, we could certainly provide photography and image editing.

While this was happening, the Internet was growing and technology was advancing. Leslie took what she learned as a producer and created a website to help fledgling producers and directors.

And then that turned into an eBook.

And then an online course.

And because bootstrapping movie producers and directors usually wear several hats which sometimes including being a web designer and marketer, that got added in to Firewalk Productions' service offerings.

And that's where we are today. Helping businesses establish themselves strongly on the Internet using a variety of mediums to best represent our clients.

Our 6-D process



During this phase, the prospective client fills out a form describing the needs of his website and/or business. We discuss the client's vision and decide with the client if this is a good match



We prepare an agreement with agreed-upon milestones for the project and define exactly what the completed project will look like. We also define the goals of the project related to the client's business (more sales, more traffic, more email signups, greater social media reach, etc)



As per the defined goals in the previous phase, we design the web project or go into pre-production for media projects. The length of this phase can vary and depends on where the client's business is starting compared to where it will complete.



This is a revision phase of a web project or the post-production phase of a media project.



This is when we live test the materials we have been creating and adjusting in the previous steps. We can do soft deployment (as would happen in the case of a website redesign) or a full on launch (as one might do for a new store, course, book or business).



Deploy and Deliver might happen simultaneously or might be separate depending on the services requested by the client. Delivery essentially happens when the client takes possession of the digital files and the project completion details mentioned in the defining phase have been reached.

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