Case Study 2

Case Study 2: Landing Pages

validation landing page

One Page Is All You Need Sometimes

Brevity is Beautiful

You are a business owner.

You are busy.

You don't need to know our deep study into UX and testing different images in each page to find the one that worked best.

It just needs to work.

You need to know that your landing page can help you build a mailing list or other goal that you have in your business.

We can help you with that.

A Demo To Try

Despite being visually simple, Landing Pages can be challenging and expensive to set up if you don't know what you are doing

This One Is Live!

Of course, you are going to want to click around a bit, so try this one out.

Rollovers. Popups. A snazzy video. All you need for a great landing page.

This was obviously created as a sample but now is a great time to think of what stylings you need make your business grow.

And if you are not sure, we can help you with that...


One Page Websites

If your signups need a bit more information before giving you their email address, you may need a bit more space

one page website landing page style

Want More Than One Section?

Did you know that one page websites are considered "Landing Pages", even if they are long and have a number of sections?

The trend of one page websites has been around for a few years now and looks like they are here to stay.

They are great because they really keep the flow of the website simple and clear. You know what you want your viewers to see and in what order.

This is also a great way to present an new app or service... Just enough to explain your innovation, but short enough to get to the final pitch (sale, download, email signup, etc) before your visitors get bored or confused with too many browsing choices.

For The Techies

Tell me how, darn it!

Ok. Ok. Twist our arm.

Here's the thing... We build websites with the tool we think will work the best for the particular project.

So in some cases, a pure Bootstrap landing page might be the choice, especially if the site is not going to ever evolve into a dynamic site with a blog.

But then in other cases, you may want us to use WordPress because you know that down the road you are going to want to expand the site.

Other times you are just having a time-related promotion with a deadline with a giveaway so you probably don't need more than a simple landing page.

Or maybe you need several simple landing pages, each funneling a different segment of potential customers (Example: dog owners vs cat owners).